As a solo-prenuer I have the incredible luck to be able to continue working from home. Things have not changed much for me during this crisis. I know how lucky I am and how many of you do not have that privilege.

I’m here to help with any website messaging you may need to get you through this difficult time. If I can do it pro-bono (it takes me less than 15 minutes) I am happy to do so. For other larger projects I will gladly extend a lower rate schedule and payment plans to help. I can add Covid-19 messaging to your site, set you up with e-commerce to sell online, create wholesale functionality for my current e-commerce clients, or anything else you might need.

Luckily I still have scheduled work and those come first, but I will do my best to help you in a timely manner, on a first come first served basis.

I know I don’t need to tell you to wash your hands, stay home, and use hand sanitizer if you can find it. I’m sure you’ve heard it all a million times this week.

Read the email below I received from Siteground. Hope it makes you feel even a wee bit less anxious.

Stay healthy dear clients!

Covid-19 Messaging from your website hosting company Siteground

Our two priorities right now are providing continued and uninterrupted service to our customers and maintaining the safety and well-being of our employees. To ensure that our team remains healthy and fully functional we have done the following:
100% home office for all
Last week we switched to remote work entirely and we all work from the safety of our homes now. To make things easier all SiteGround employees were encouraged to take company’s equipment home, so that they can create a comfortable and efficient work space.

100% ready infrastructure
Our infrastructure has been completely ready for the massive work-from-home situation long before the coronavirus outbreak. We have always provided remote work options and many of our employees have taken advantage over the years. So the system has been used, tested and ready for this situation.

Keeping the human touch
We are all aware of the challenges of social isolation. To combat the negative effects this can have, we are organizing regular video calls within and across the teams to actually see each other and keep the morale high.
We continue to run our operations 24/7 as normal and we do not anticipate any disruption. We are doing our best to ensure the usual availability, quality and speed of our customer service. However, we would like to thank you for your understanding in case of occasional delays in our support answers. After all, this is an extraordinary situation and it might take us some time until we get fully used to it.

We wish you health and safety during these difficult times.
Best Regards,
The SiteGround Team