Everything is Not What You Think, Monoprint Karen Hunter McLaughlin

When not addictively pouring over code, or designing myriad things, Karen is a fine artist. She is a lead member member of Artessa Alliance, a mothers’ cooperative in the arts based in the Atlantic Coastal region.

Read more about her art on her website- www.karen-hunter-mclaughlin.com.


A recipient of several Leeway Art and Change grants, Karen collaborated with 4 other artists on a monumental art installation One Year. One Year, was exhibited a multiple venues throughout 2013 including The Rotunda during the FringeArts Festival, September 7, 2013. The artists’ critically acclaimed exhibit about urban violence was also installed at the Painted Bride in January, 2013. Experience it here in a short video produced by KMDD.

One Year was a visually stunning art installation of 331 wire vessels—one for each murder in Philadelphia in 2012. The hundreds of handcrafted sculptures were displayed to cast dynamic shadows against fabric backdrops that spoke to the pain experienced by these losses.  READ MORE