Our Domain Name Policy

Prior to 1-1-17, KMDD provided domain name registration, and even domain name transfer to Siteground, for the ease of our clients. Many preferred having both managed and billed by one entity- us. However, when we register a domain name, Siteground lists KMDD as the owner and admin contact. This is not helpful should you decide to move your site away from either KMDD or Siteground (though we’re always happy and available to help you with this.)

Beginning in January 1, 2017 KM Digital Design changed our policy regarding domain name registration. We no longer register domain names within the hosting account for your website.

We now require clients register their own domain names at the registar of their choice. Hover offers some inexpensive and easy to manage domain name services, including offer FREE domain privacy.

Why is this a good thing?

The short answer? YOU become the owner of your domain name. Nuts and Bolts Media has an easy to understand explanation of the differences between Domain Name and Hosting, as well as why it’s now recommended you keep them registered separately.

What are we going to do now?

We’ve made some changes to our domain name policy which you can read in detail in the KMDD Terms & Conditions, domain section. Not to worry, we’ve been slowly changing the admin contacts of all our KMDD registered domains.

As your domain name comes up for its annual renewal, we’ll notify you of this change and swap out the KMDD contact info for the client info as the new administative contact/owner. Many have already received this notice.

We will be asking you for your preferred contact info. ICANN requires First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number and Mailing Addresses.

When we make this update you will receive a time sensitive email confirming the change. If you do not confirm, your admin contact WILL NOT be updated!

We will still bill you for your annual renewal, and you’ll still have to contact us for any changes.

Your privacy:

Since we’re changing your domain name to list all your contact information we want you to understand our privacy measures. KM Digital Design collects your personal information only insofar as is necessary or appropriate to fulfill the purpose of the client’s interaction with KM Digital Design. Your can read the full KMDD privacy policy here. We’ll never sell or share your information.

Since domain name administration info is searchable on the internet via the Whois database, we highly recommend purchasing domain privacy. Domain privacy at Siteground is not free. We will invoice you with your domain name renewal.

Benefits of Domain privacy-

Domain privacy protects your personal details from being publicly available in the Whois database - the database where all domains are listed and the information related to their registration and ownership is publicly accessible. The ID protect service replaces your true details with the details of the company providing the service and does not anyone know who is the true owner of the domain.

  • Reduce spam and prevent email harvesting
  • Prevent identity theft
  • Avoid telesales calls and junk postal mail
  • Protect against fraud and data mining

Client’s may opt out of this domain privacy purchase by contacting KMDD prior to invoice payment. .

What else do you need to know?

After your administration contact info is updated, you’ll still need contact KMDD to can gain access to your domain name, for instance to transfer, or to update your website location (DNS). If you wish to transfer your domain– to gain full access– to another registrar, please contact us.