We here at KMDD use MailChimp* as our email marketing software (EMS). We’ve done a lot of research on things like template responsiveness for mobile marketing, list APIs, built in reporting and price. Though other EMSs offer more convenient campaign template building, MailChimp still offers the best- per email- prices, especially if you have a larger list that sends infrequently. MailChimp offers the cheapest bulk, per-send, prices, with the most options. So you don’t have to pay a monthly fee if you don’t send monthly. And MailChimp is available for free to mailing list of less than 2,000 contacts.

If you’d like to see how your email click throughs compare, Smart Insights compiled some pretty thorough research that’s current to August 2015– Statistics Sources for Email Marketing

*Disclaimer: We do not work for, or receive any compensation for recommending MailChimp. It’s just our preference. If you have an email marketing system already in place at a competitor, such as Constant Contact or AWeber, we will certainly work with your preferences, or help you make the switch to MailChimp.