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Responsive Design

Mobile Marketing
Research shows that mobile email marketing has increased 500% in just four years! Nearly half of emails are opened on smartphones and tablets. Our templates are designed responsively to look good on any screen.

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Safe List Building

Forms for every need
We’ll help you build your list with online forms for your website. Even if you have your list started, we’ll connect an easy online collection form of your choice- trendy pop-ups, or discreet sidebar forms for automatic collection.

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Core Email Marketing

We’ll Design, Create & Schedule
Data from Marketing Cloud suggests that “email marketing is as effective as ever. In fact, not only is email effective — it’s significantly impacting ROI for businesses that are using it regularly.” Need an effective marketing strategy?

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Step One

Start with a list. If you already have one– great! If you need one, we’ll set you up with a collection method of your choice, sidebar or footer forms, or trendy popups. We’ll even help you setup a mobile app form for collecting new subscribers at events and shows.

Step Two

Create a strategy. We’ll help you setup the perfect email marketing plan. From content, to frequency, to the best send times, we’ll walk you through the questions and help you with the answers. See “The Details” for info.

Step Three

Pulling it all together. KMDD will create a responsive HTML template that will look good on any device. We’ll design your email, create the template and then schedule your campaign for the best times for your industry and list preferences.


At KMDD we use MailChimp… we have practical knowledge of many different email apps and we think MailChimp provides the best service for the best price. But if you use another email marketing app, and you need campaign help, just ask.

RThe Details

Why we use MailChimp:
Best Prices- lists up to 2000 are free! (with a MailChimp footer logo). If you have a larger list or you’re an infrequent sender– MailChimp has bulk mail prices that other apps don’t. Send often? We’ll set you up with a monthly plan so you can send as often as you want, to as many subscribers as you like.

Reports MailChimp’s campaign and Automation reports analyze clicks, opens, subscribers’ social activity, ecommerce data, and more. After every send, you’ll receive a link to reports for that campaign.

A-B Testing (paid plans)- to determine when your subscribers are most likely to engage with your campaigns, use an A/B Split Campaign to test delivery date and time, or compare the click rates on your reports page.

RSS-Driven campaigns- Some readers prefer blog updates in their inbox. We’ll set you up to send RSS-driven newsletters. When your blog is updated with a new post, we’ll will pull that content into a campaign and send it to your subscribers on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.

Personalized email- We can use the info you collect in your lists to send customized emails to your list. Address your newsletters to your readers’ first names for a personalized news experience.