Hello World! 2013 was a banner year for me and KM Digital Design. I learned a lot about what it means to provide my client-friends with exactly what they need. Here are some of those key lessons learned (warning: non-technical key lessons ahead- might get all touchy-feeling and junk.)

It’s all in the attitude- be happy and share the joy. Humor is a really great leveler. Doesn’t a good laugh, or even a small smile, just make your day better? Me too. I’ve spent this last year actively cultivating happiness. As tired as you may be of hearing it (especially at this time of year with the air fairly swirling with how-to advice) positive thoughts really CAN make your life, and everything in it, seem better. Yup- really does.

Be proactive. And generous. One of the reasons I think my small biz makes an impact on it’s clients is by giving them what they need without having to ask for it. I spent many years in a production atmosphere of not-gonna-do-it-that’s-not-my-job thinking. Probably just a product of the times. These days I find the tech community, especially open-source citizens, so much more giving. Philly is a hot-bed of social hacking that I’m proud to be among. This year I’ve been fortunate enough to strike the perfect balance between generosity and income. Oh the happiness (see key point 1).

New Year's Eve selfie. #lostmytiara #makingdue

New Year’s Eve selfie. #lostmytiara #jammiesbeforemidnight

It’s not selfishness, it self-awareness. I gotta do other things besides code, and make happy clients. Trust me clients, you want this. I’m an artist AND a designer AND a developer. So I made sure to fit in time for all of these things. Going back to that happy thing again. My neurons are thicker, making all the parts of my brain work better together, which makes me play nicer with others. All good. I’ve had a phenomenal year of working collaboratively with some great people on some great projects and I can say it’s been one of the best years I can remember– very affirma<tive>.
New Year’s Resolution- New art website for me. Got a WHOLE year to work with.

Here’s to 2014! Go get ’em.