We often have clients who need assistance with image editing. We get questions about sizing, resolution and cropping among others. Most times the problem relates back to the application in which they’re editing the images. Can you say iPhoto? 


We’ve been editing images since the *ahem* 1990s (yup). Luckily we get to use the formidable Adobe CS Photoshop. It’s the de-facto image editor of choice for designers. But the reality is that most of our clients don’t have access to Photoshop in any of its forms, and can’t afford the high price tag. Adobe does now offer a version in the Creative Cloud for $9.99/mo. But for those with infrequent needs, or smaller pocketbooks, there are some (FREE) alternatives.

No Photoshop?

Duck Duck Go* lists some great alternatives here to Photoshop. I’ve used, and given some workshops using, Gimp. Gimp has versions for Mac OS and Microsoft Windows. It’s a good alternative, its FREE, and has a very Photoshop-like interface. It’s biggest downfall is that it doesn’t support CMYK color for print images. But if you’re looking for something more powerful than Preview (Mac) or Windows Photo (PC), there are choices.

Deeper into Image Editing

If you need more info on sizing, cropping, WordPress image sizes, and basics of image resolution, we have some great tutorials in our Knowledgebase that can help.

WordPress Image Sizes
Image Size Resolution


*Duckduckgo.com- smarter, private search with a great community behind it.