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Accessing your web hosting account

KMDD has been using Siteground as our web host of choice for almost 10 years. They have grown quite a bit since we hosted our first site with them. WordPress Hosting has been greatly improved with more security and 99.9% uptime, and they have terrific support. So if...

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Image Editing Apps

We often have clients who need assistance with image editing. We get questions about sizing, resolution and cropping among others. Most times the problem relates back to the application in which they're editing the images. Can you say iPhoto?    We’ve been...

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Email Marketing in 2015

Why we use MailChimp for email marketing

We here at KMDD use MailChimp* as our email marketing software (EMS).

We’ve done a lot of research on things like template responsiveness for mobile marketing, list APIs, built in reporting and price. Though other EMSs offer more convenient campaign template building, MailChimp still offers the best- per email- prices…

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Why You Need a Brand

Everyone recognizes brands by their logo.

We look for them to guarantee quality. This is important to your visitors as well.

They know they’re on the right site, visiting the page they want- whether its a web page or a social media page. Your brand guarantees trust and respect from your visitors.

Envato wrote this great article on the importance of branding.

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Trendy Email Opt-ins

A while back I sent out a quick update email with some info on installing email collection forms on client websites. What I heard back was a pretty strong distaste for the pop-up opt-in. I totally get it– they're annoying and in-your-face, get in the way of surfing,...

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Branding, a scenario

What is Branding, and why do you need it? Let's run a little scenario. Say you need a new grill part (feel free to swap out "grill part" for a more pleasant shopping choice). You go to your favorite search of choice– could be Google, or a social media outlet like...

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Twas true in 1415, still is…

Branding is fundamental. Branding is basic. Branding is essential. Building brands builds incredible value for companies and corporations. - Forbes Magazine Another article on the science and importance of building a brand for your company (and yourself). Even though...

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How to do stuff in WordPress (beginner)

  How to create a WordPress Post How to add media (pictures and more) to your WordPress site How to use WordPress categories WordPress Comments tutorial   WordPress is open source software with a huge community of help and info....

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