Full-time. I’ve been SO busy the past year and a half, moving from the print industry to web development full-time, and on my own, that I just haven’t had the time to do much else. Like update my own two sites: kmdigitaldesign.com (biz- updated) and karen-hunter-mclaughlin.com (art- NOT). One down, one to go.

smallbizI’ve been creating websites, mostly on a part-time basis, since 2000. But since losing my beloved print job (I really did love that industry), I decided it was time to roll out the KM Digital Design biz into a real “Small Business”. When my last print company closed– industry and the economy drove the 64 year, family owned company in to the ground– I was worried, I still had kids in tuition bearing schools. But only a bit. I had some unemployment and used the time and resources to take a few online classes in “Web Design and Development” and “Project Management” at Rutgers. Neither was really a game changer but they did boost my confidence.

Almost a year and a half later, I squeezed myself into my own client schedule and - VOILA! - new KM Digital Design website. It’s a WordPress site, which is the bulk of what I’ve been doing lately. LOVE WordPress. Check out the internet lately? Well of course you have. Aside from some of the bigger, media sites, Flash is taking a nose dive and there are quite a lot of minimally paged, large type, websites. Welcome to the age of mobile surfing. And WordPress.

So my small biz is so far (fingers crossed please) a success. I haven’t worked this hard since my kids were babies. There is almost an entire year under my KMDD, full-time, small biz belt and I’m getting the hang of how I want my business to be run. I pride myself in taking things personally. I become friends with my clients. They generally like me! It’s a bonus.

Shoot me an email, we can become friends, and you can get a website in the process. Meantime I really need to get some new “Recent Work” on my art website. I really have made new art since 2010. Really.


P.S. My Dad regularly gets giggly when I tell him how well business is going. It’s kinda cute. Next post I’ll fill you in on how my art site update’s going