KMDD launches a new support system. Yay!

Here to help you are links to valuable resources, via blog posts, tutorials and tips.

We LOVE our clients. And we know they love us too. But maintaining our growing family of clientele can be time consuming, and we need to make sure everyone gets the help they need. So we’ve instituted a new support plan what will help everyone.

How to get help

If you are a KMDD client, your website is most likely (99%) a WordPress site. If you need help with your site, whether you’re a DIY or a Please help! kind of client, you’ll find helpful tips and links right here. You can always contact KMDD for help.

KMDD has already written scores of tutorials for everything from Photoshop and image manipulation, to full out , custom WordPress tutorials. Going forth we’ll post helpful links for WordPress site upkeep (for DIYers), marketing your site, social media boosts, email collection tips, and more. Check the sidebar for some of the already created content and other useful info links.

If you’re already a KMDD Client

Our clients’ know that we are always an email away and that 60 days unlimited support is included with every new project. But if you need a regular maintenance schedule, more in-depth support (more than a 5 minute fix) or you’re looking for additional services- request a copy of our fee schedule. Our maintenance rates follow industry standard rates. You can choose the level of support you need, from scaled fees for retainer rates to blocks of time that fit your needs.

Our Awesome Support