WordPress is awesome. It allows bloggers and site owners to edit their content without knowing any HTML code. As a user of your site, you’ll probably be in the Visual Editor most of the time. This post will help you with quirkiness of the WP Visual Editor.

Whether you are editing a Post or a Page, most non-coders will be using the Visual tab of their editor (upper right). If you are having a problem with line returns, image alignment, or text styling, it might help to take a look at what’s behind the code. So update your page to save your content, then click that Text tab and have a look at the HTML code.

For instance: this is what you’ll see when you use the B tool to make your text bold–<strong>Bold text</strong>. HTML uses tags– those carat things <> – to create code, an opening tag <> and a closing tag </>. Play with the tool bar in the Visual editor and click over the the Text tab to see the HTML tag that made it. Sometimes your cursor, or a tag is in the wrong place, and that messes up your content. In the Text tab you can see exactly where your cursor lies.

Another common beginner complaint is the difficulty of adding single vs. double line (or paragraph) breaks. To create a single line break, use “Shift-Return”. A paragraph, double line break simply us Return.

Tip: add the HTML code for a “non-breaking space” in the Text tab- &nbsp; on a separate line where you want to force the paragraph you need.

For more tips, here is a great tutorial from WPBeginner, an awesome site for beginners- 14 Tips for Mastering the WordPress Visual Editor.