The story goes (in case you live in a alternate universe where you’ve never heard this, OR you’re just too young) the cobbler’s children never have new shoes. The cobbler is always too busy making shoes for everyone else.


The Instagram caption reads: “Pretending to be on the beach. Actually on my computer working. *sigh*

Last year while attending a Philly WordCamp session on freelancing, a developer spoke about never having time to update his own website. So instead he just had a page that said- “My website sucks because I’m too busy designing yours.” I don’t know how true that is, I never got his name, but it IS very funny. And the concept is true.

Therefore: drumroll… this cobbler’s children now have new shoes! 

Check out the new KM Digital Design (KMDD) website. While some of the content is the same, the biggest change is the new work added in the portfolio section. This is a better reflection of what I’ve been doing the past two years– in a word, WordPress.

PS. While these aren’t the best shoes, it’s summer and, like it or not, these are the “shoes” my daughter and I wear all summer long. The guys in our family can’t handle that thing-between-the-toes feeling.