WordPress categories are a way to organize your posts. In addition to that, one post can reside in more than one category. This gives you a lot of flexibility to show exactly the posts you want, exactly the way you want them– in widgets, menus or directly in your WordPress theme. Categories are also a way to allow readers to find and sort information. Themes and sites display categories in different places depending on your site functionality and design. If you’re a KMDD client, you will have received directions, or a tutorial, on where and how categories for your site are displayed.

To create new categories in WordPress:

  • Login to your Dashboard and access- Posts>Categories.
  • On the left side of the page you will see a tab that allows you to create categories.
  • Fill in the category name, you can leave the slug empty– it will  automatically fill.
  • If your site has (or plans to have) a lot of categories, it will help to have add a category description.
  • Click the Add New Category button. That’s it, your first category is ready.


Check out this post on WPBeginner to learn how to add sub-categories.

How to assign posts to categories

Once you have the category structure created, you can add posts to categories. There are two ways you can do this. The first one is to open a particular post (or write a new one) and click the correct category checkbox (lower right side of the editor window).

The second way is to bulk add posts to a category. To do this go to Posts>All Posts. Next, select the posts you want to add to a category, click on the Bulk Actions tab, select Edit, choose your category, and click Apply.

If your post does not appear on your site.