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You Design it– We’ll Develop it.

Style, code, theme development– all in the background.

We'll be a cog in the wheel

This is your baby. We’ll happily work behind the curtain of your design team to create what you need. We’ll do the dev work and be your silent partner (you can applaud us though, that would be nice.)

Let's work together

We play well with others

And we’re good at hand-holding. You can hop in and learn as much as you want, or drop the whole thing in our lap. It’s a great way to learn how WordPress works– you’ll have behind the scenes access.

Let's play together

As much as you need

You set the parameters of how much (or how little) you need from us. We’ll balance your needs, sticking to your budget and your schedule. Details are laid out upfront with custom proposals for every project.

Let's balance together

Why designers like us


Designers like us because we understand the challenges of design. With over 25 years of experience in graphic production environments, we know the urgency of a deadline. We get the delicacy of helping clients make good decisions, and the designer’s need to balance both budget and time. Since we come from a design background, we love good design! You can expect us to help you through the hoops of designing for WordPress and its functionality so you can deliver a stellar product.

We have resources to help you– and plenty of experience. Here’s a estimated breakdown the back-end services KMDD will use to get your site up, properly styled, and running like a well oiled machine.
  • HTML 100% 100%
  • CSS 99% 99%
  • PHP 50% 50%
  • SQL for WordPress 40% 40%

IconBlog-31Our Experience

KMDD has been creating websites since the early 2000s. We’ve been working exclusively in WordPress since 2012. We have decades of experience in HTML and CSS and experience and training in SQL databases for WordPress. We’re also versed in PHP, the language of WordPress.